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What I Love About Austin ~ The Year In Review

Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 11:55am Engel & Völkers Austin

The, "What I Love About Austin", blog has been published for seventeen months now.  There are so many things to love about Austin and we try to capture those things in this monthly blog.  We thought it was time to do a recap of the last year’s, “What I Love About Austin”, blogs.  Whether it’s what brings someone to visit Austin, move here, or stay here, here is what we’ve blogged about in the past seventeen months.

Barbeque in Austin

Going back to October, 2016, we featured barbecue in Austin.  Many cities in the United States are known for their barbeque, but whether you’re just visiting or you’re a native, the barbeque in Austin is great.  And there are so many barbeque restaurants to sample, each with their own recipe and sauce.

Austin’s Live Music Venues

Austin is not just known as the, Live Music Capital, it lives the name.  There maybe more talent in Austin than there is in Nashville, LA or New York City.  I know some people would argue that statement but the sheer number of extremely talented musicians in and around Austin is phenomenal.  And their talent is on display constantly.  From Gruene Hall, to Antone's, to The Broken Spoke, to the Continental Club, or the Skylark Lounge, you can listen to really good live music almost any night of the week.

Rodeo Austin

Few things are more Texan than a rodeo and Rodeo Austin is a chance to see the American cowboy compete in events from bareback riding to bull riding to team roping and barrel racing.  Our rodeo also features a fair with live music.  Quintessentially Texas in every respect and part of the heritage of Austin.

Day Trips

Austin wouldn’t be Austin without the cities and attractions that surround Austin.  Day trips include San Antonio, Fredericksburg, or some of the nearby State Parks, there may be as much going on around Austin as there is in Austin.

Food Trucks

If you’re a foodie, Austin is a paradise of great food.  Much of that signature food comes from the many food trucks through out the city and suburbs.  You can find anything to suit your taste.  There is anything from Lobster, normally mentioned only in finer restaurants, to barbeque, Creole and Tex-Mex.

Hike & Bike Trails

The outdoors, parks, swimming holes and hike and bike trails are all major attractions that are the fabric of Austin.  Shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops are the normal attire for Austin, year-round.  Since we have so many beautiful days, the outdoors is a normal part of living in this beautiful city.  This article covers the many of the places to walk, hike and take your bike.

Austin Pools

Possibly the first thing someone hears about Austin is either about Barton Springs Pool, or Deep Eddy Pool.  Outdoors, swimming and picnics are great pass times that are easy to find and enjoy in the Austin area.

Austin Public Library

The library has many branches and a new downtown library with lots more than just books.  The libraries are a great place to be entertained, educated and informed.  This article is a great place to check out what’s going on at a branch near you.


The LBJ Library may be one of the most famous museums in Texas but Austin has everything from a military museum, to art and science.  Art and culture are as much a part of the Austin scene as music and the opportunities to indulge your senses abound.

What Makes Austin Unique

Every city in the US has its own personality and Austin is no exception.  Austin is a little bit country, while at the same time sophisticated.  A true Southern city with international appeal.  This article covers many of the things that attract people to Austin.

SoCo (South Congress Avenue)

If you want to see what makes Austin, well, Austin, you have to spend some time on South Congress Avenue.  The shops are unique and the restaurants and clubs are pure Austin.  It’s like taking a step back in time to what Austin was a couple of decades ago or longer.

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird lake, formerly Town Lake, is at the center of Austin, literally and figuratively.  There are lots of activities associated with the lake and it adds beauty to the view of the downtown Austin skyline.

Austin City Limits (ACL)

Austin City Limits may have single handedly allowed more people to get a glimpse of Austin than any other single event, show, article, or feature.  It represents the personality of Austin perfectly.  With millions of TV viewers, many attending the regular shows at the venue and hundreds of thousands attending the festival, it is our best representative to the world at large.

All The Austin Events

ACL is just one event in Austin and there are hundreds of others, even if not on that scale.  From concerts to live music venues, to festivals, fireworks, marathons, and kite festivals, Austin has something going on every week.


Microbreweries are a part of the American fabric and Austin is no exception.  Small, local breweries are popping up everywhere.  Here is our list of local companies of note.

Austin Weather

The average temperature in Austin is fairly mild and although it can get hot in the summers, winters are not much.  And for those hot summer months there’s plenty of water for boating and swimming.

South By Southwest (SXSW)

One of the great American festivals and a great Austin attraction, SXSW brings in a hundred thousand plus visitors to Austin annually.  And the festival covers everything from music to high-tech with concerts, speakers, and sessions.

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