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What I Love About Austin ~ Microbreweries

Microbreweries are everywhere nowadays. Many are tucked away, almost hidden, in areas of town where you might not expect late-night society.  Austin has it's share of microbreweries, each with it's on twist on brewing.  Some brew coffee as well as beer.  Others offer their version of European or even Japanese beers.  And still others make their own versions of tried and true domestic beers.  Most have a menu or food trailers and many provide live music, pool, shuffleboard or other activities.

No matter your neighborhood, there is most likely a microbrewery near you.  Below is our take on some of the microbreweries in the area.  The list is not complete as there are too many to show here.  But the sampling below should give you a good start on

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What I Love About Austin ~ All The Austin Events

The events that are held yearly around the area are some of the main things that make Austin so attractive to visitors and those choosing to move to Austin.  Almost all events include live music, keeping with the slogan, "Live Music Capital".  From running, boating, reading, listening, eating, and watching to participating and just plain enjoying, Austin has always had a culture of celebrating everything with music.

Below is our calendar of yearly events, in chronological order, starting in January.  The list includes a link to the event website, a short description, dates (when available) and location.



Austin's New Year

Visit Site

December 31st, 2017 January 1st, 2018

Vic Mathias Shores, formerly Auditorium Shores


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What I Love About Austin ~ Austin City Limits

What I Love About Austin ~ Austin City Limits

The Austin City Limits television show on PBS has helped define the Austin music scene since 1974.  Growing into the ACL Festival, the show and festival has featured musical acts from all over the world.  Originating from KLRU, in Austin, the show was initially created to feature the music of Texas but has gone on to include national and international acts.  Since the show tapes regularly, tickets to the TV show are readily available, depending on the act.

The TV show and festival are such a part of the fabric of what makes Austin that it is one of the features that continually attracts not only visitors but residents to Central Texas.

Bill Arhos was the original creator and executive producer.

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Lady Bird Lake

What I Love About Austin ~ Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is at the center of Austin, literally and figuratively.  It's one of the geographic features that makes Austin a great place to live.  Formerly, Town Lake, the reservoir was created in 1960 as a cooling pond for a new city power plant, with the construction of Longhorn Dam.  The name was changed in 2007, to Lady Bird Lake, by a vote of the Austin City Council.

Today, it is the home of lots of activity from the hike and bike trails, Auditorium Shores Park, and commercial vendors.

The features include, river cruises from two different companies, Capital Cruises and Lone Star Riverboats.  The cruises offer lunch and dinner for both large and small groups as well as sightseeing that

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What I Love About Austin ~ South Congress Avenue (SoCo)

What I Love About Austin ~ SoCo (South Congress Avenue)

SoCo is the heart of what makes Austin, well, Austin. From food trucks, street musicians, one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and boutique hotels, South Congress embodies, “Keep Austin Weird” and is the true spirit of the uniqueness of Austin.

First Thursday takes place on the first Thursday of every month on South Congress. Shops stay open late and SoCo hosts arts and crafts vendors along with other events and activities.

There’s the legendary and large, Allen’s Boots with the giant red boot sign. It has a large selection of boots and a friendly staff to help you find just the right pair of cowboy boots to fit your taste. 1522 South Congress Avenue.

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What I Love About Austin ~ What Makes Austin Unique

What I Love About Austin ~ What Makes Austin Unique


There are many things that make Austin a unique place on the map with its own personality. It is known as an “artsy” community and as the Music Capital Of The World. Austin attracts many to move here and many more to visit each year because of those things that can’t be found anywhere else.  Our list includes music venues, places, events, TV Shows and venues and areas in the city.


Here our list of places that are unique to Austin.


Austin Street Art

           The murals and street art of Austin reflects the city's character.  It varies from the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is graffiti and changes on a regular basis to "I Love You So Much" on SoCo.

The Broken Spoke

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Bullock Texas State History Museum

What I Love About Austin ~ Museums

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is one of the best museums in Austin.  It encapsulates everything Texas.  So if you are new to Texas, or have always lived here, you will be sure to find out something you didn't know about Texas.  The museum contains the original "Goddess of Liberty", statue that was at the top of the State Capitol's dome for many decades.  It also has greater than 500 artifacts from Texas' storied history.  The museum contains two theaters, the largest IMAX screen in Texas and the 4-D Texas Spirit Theater.  There is also a cafe and a large museum store that features many Texas themed items.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Saturday and from

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Austin Public Library

What I Love About Austin ~ Austin Public Library

The Austin Public Library, with all its branches is an often overlooked resource.  The various branches are host to a myriad of classes, events and meetings.  All for the benefit of the general public.  Classes range from general computer classes to specific computer classes like, “Introduction To Microsoft Excel” to Screenwriting classes, to story time for ages from toddler to adult.

There are meetings and classes for, “Music & Movement”, “Ella Fitzgerald: The Legendary First Lady of Song”, “The Art of Serenity – Finding Peace Through Painting and Drawing”, and “Money Smart Week – Your Own Home”.

The Austin Inventor’s and Entrepreneur’s Association started it’s meetings at a Northwest branch,

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Deep Eddy


Summer is on the horizon and with so many warm weather days every year, you have to love the outdoors. And what is more outdoors than the Austin's public pools? Austin has some great pools from Deep Eddy Pool, the states oldest pool, to everyone's favorite, Barton Springs.  In the heat of the summer, our pools are a great place to cool off.  Barton Springs Pool, in the heart of a 358 acre park, itself measures three acres in size. It is fed from underground springs that keeps it at 68 degrees, even on hot summer days.  So grab your bathing suit and join us!


All Austin municipal pools have the same fee structure:


Seniors and children under 12, $1

Twelve to 17, $2

Adults, $3

Non-residents add $1


Our favorite

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  What I Love About Austin ~ Hike & Bike Trails

Austin is an outdoor city.  Residents love to be outside, in shorts, all year round.  Hike and bike trails are as much a part of the Austin scene as live music and “Keep Austin Weird”.  Whether you live South or North, East or West, you can find trails in your local neighborhood or anywhere you may be in the area.  There’s no reason to tire of the same old trail, you can travel a short distance or go across town and enjoy different scenery.

We suggest that you do your own research to find those hidden gems near you. Here are ten of our favorite hike and bike trails and a link to more than 100 Austin trails.

 Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

800 W. Riverside Drive      Shared Use (Hike and Bike)      ADA Accessible      Central    

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