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What I Love About Austin ~ Water


Water is one of the great benefits of Austin and the surrounding counties.  The Colorado River runs through the heart of Austin.  In the area, we also have the Pedernales River, the Comal River, the Guadalupe River, the San Marcos River and many creeks, lakes, campgrounds, and water features to enjoy.  So, if you are a water person, Austin is your town.

What I Love About Austin ~ Water (Locations)

Below we cover some of the great spots to indulge your desire to be in or on the water: 

1)   Lady Bird Lake, Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail + Zilker Park

Lady Bird Lake and the Ann and Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail is one of the most often mentioned features of Austin and a great place to dog-walk.  It’s downtown, and it’s ten miles of trail, with local restaurants and bars

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What I Love About Austin ~ Two-Step Dancing

Austin is becoming a more sophisticated and high-tech metropolitan area every day. New towering sky scrapers are going up and are being planned as we write this article.

However, Austin has a country western legacy. If you're from Texas, it's hard not to love that part of your heritage.  Cowboy boots and two-step dancing are two of the attributes that make Austin and Texas unique. If you were born here, you'be been exposed to the country scene, even if you are not an avid two-stepper. If you're just visiting, moved here, or are looking to move here, you need to at least expose yourself to country music and the Texas Two-Step.  It's a great way to acclimate yourself to what is ingrained in our culture.

Below is a list of local establishments

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LinkedIn on Aug. 10 said the Texas capital is attracting more workers than any other place in the country, with hiring in July up more than 14 percent from a year earlier.

Meanwhile, MagnifyMoney ranked Austin as the nation's No. 1 "boomtown," a designation based on things such as wage growth, population gains and economic vitality. Austin was followed by Provo, Utah, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

No surprise here but MagnifyMoney, a website for comparing credit cards, found that Austin's housing stock isn't keeping up with population growth, so that No. 1 ranking might slip in the years to come.

According to the LinkedIn report, for every 10,000 of its users in Austin, 105 have arrived in the metro area in the past 12 months.

Of those new

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What I Love About Austin ~ Beautiful Scenery

Austin is a beautiful and vibrant city.  There's so many things to see and do.  Just taking in the sights or taking photographs of the scenery is a great pass time.  Almost anywhere in Austin would make a great photograph. Downtown Austin is great, but so is downtown Georgetown and so are some of the small towns close to Austin.  Below is our list of great scenes, photo ops, and selfie scenes around our great city.  Take it all in.  It's worth the few minutes it takes to visit any of these scenic views and event locations.

The beauty of Austin is what brings many people to the area and makes Austin a relocation mecca.  If you haven't seen any one of the locations on our list, you just have to take the time to visit, photograph or enjoy all that the

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The Business Insider analysis shows San Jose (Silicon Valley) ranks as the top economy among the country’s 40 largest metro areas, followed in second place by the San Francisco metro area, its next-door neighbor. Coming in at No. 3 is the Austin metro area!  Below is a recap of the analysis which includes Austin being home to the University of Texas, creativity and a robust job market.

Business Insider says Austin had the second highest rate of job growth among the 40 largest metro areas, with employment rising 3.7 percent between February 2017 and February 2018.  

William Mellor, vice president of Austin-based economic development consulting firm AngelouEconomics, says he views the Austin area as being No. 2 in the rankings, since the San

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What I Love About Austin ~ The Economy

Austin’s economy has been booming for years.  It’s not hard to find a job in Austin, regardless of your education, training and background.  Austin was ranked 7th in the nation, in unemployment statistics, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics with an unemployment rate of 2.7%.  This was only ½ percentage point from the number one city in the US!

Austin’s economy is very diverse and resilient, according to a recent article in the Austin American Statesman.  “Central Texas has become one of the most digitalized job markets in the country.” Stated Dan Zehr, in the article. And, “Austin is nowhere near its ceiling and job creation should continue to grow faster than most large U.S. metros.  stated in a recent article that, “Austin Has

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 What I Love About Austin ~ Activities For Kids ~ Bob Bullock Texas History Museum

It's that time of year again.  School is almost out.  So the big question becomes what do we do now?  Austin is a family-friendly town with lots of activities for families with kids.  From museums and science exhibits to outdoors activities and events, the city caters to children, educating and exciting them with new and interesting activities and ideas.  There are always family-friendly activities and events, no matter the season.  And you don't have to be a kid to enjoy everything that is available.

Below is our list of things to do with your kids around Austin.

Texas Capitol Building
The Texas Capitol Building was completed in 1888 in Downtown Austin and contains the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature and the Office of the

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What I Love About Austin ~ Tex-Mex Food!

Since the beginning of time...well since the beginning of Tejas (Texas), Mexican food has been a staple and is Texan as the Alamo.  Over the years Texas has branded its own Mexican food, known the world over as Tex-Mex.  If you are from Texas and you find a Mexican restaurant in Michigan, New York or California, just to name a few, it is a completely different meal than you will find at a restaurant, at home.  It's a way of life in Texas.

Tex-Mex is a tradition with simplicity in preparation and the way it's served.  Refried beans, Mexican rice, enchiladas, fajitas, guacamole, soft and hard tacos, chiles rellenos, and sopapilla are some of the staples served up, hundreds of times daily around Austin.  And of course cerveza and margaritas are the

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As we have finally reached the gorgeous Spring weather we have all been waiting for, the event season is now in full swing!  Whether your wanting to dress up for Austin's Fashion Week or strap on the running shoes for the Cap City 10K there is a lot happening in April and May.  Below we have put together a list of our favorite events each weekend of April and May, if we missed anything comment with your favorite below.  

APRIL 2018

3/31/18 - 4/7/18
Austin Fashion Week
Locations around Austin
Austin Fashion Week showcases the work of fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and models from around the state of Texas with over a hundred including runway shows, designer meet-and-greets, themed parties and benefits for Austin

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What I Love About Austin ~ The University of Texas

UT has long been a strong influence in Austin as well as the State of Texas.  The University of Texas, in Austin, currently has more than 51,000 students enrolled and more than 3,000 faculty members.

It creates more than $9 billion in business activity and UT football alone generates more than $120 million in revenue each year. 

The net effect on the community is tremendous. It influences everything from the availability of entertainment to the food that restaurants serve. You can hardly go to dinner during football season without overhearing someone discussing the upcoming game.  Austin would probably not be the, “Live Music Capital”, without the presence of UT.  It brings culture, knowledge and a highly educated work force to Austin.  And this

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