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Engel & Völkers Aviation

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 at 1:16pm Engel & Völkers Austin

Did you know that Engel & Völkers has an Aviation Division? It’s a multi-faceted service that we can offer you!

If the world of private flights is new to you, we can help you get your feet wet by coordinating a chartered flight. Do you have an upcoming trip with friends or family? Splitting the cost of the plane might be a way to make your travel very special. Avoiding the lines at the airport, skipping baggage claim, just think about all of the worst parts of air travel and picture them gone! This is precisely where Engel & Völkers Aviation Air Charter can help. Contact your E&V Advisor, and they can help you request a free firm quote for your trip.

Flying private might seem like an excessive expense to some, but with the ever-increasing fares for first class tickets, it’s worth taking a closer look. When you factor in things like the value of time (Senior-level executives, for example, tend to have minimal time and need to use every minute functionally.) , the size of the group traveling, available amenities, and being able to travel with pets and sports equipment (think skis, golf clubs, etc), then the cost may be closer to the affordability range than you would expect. Our concierge-level service will make sure that we pay attention to your agenda and suggest and coordinate in accordance with it. This could include a helicopter and limousine service, should they be required.

If you’ve been chartering flights or hopping aboard with your FWPs (Friends with Planes), perhaps you’re ready to explore what it would be like to have your own plane. This is where we can connect you with and Engel & Völkers Aviation Consultant.

Since the world (and business) of aircraft can be very layered and new to most people, our Aviation Consultants can help you work through: 

- Aircraft Registration

- Aircraft Finance Solutions

- Set of a tax efficient ownership

- Risk management (insurance)

- Simulated operations budgets

- Continuing airworthiness management (Maintenance) 

- Aircraft management and operation structure

Beyond the consultancy, Engel & Völkers Aviation can help you find and purchase your plane. E&V can offer Aircraft Operation and Management. If you’ve experienced Engel & Völkers Real Estate, it should come as no surprise that our Aviation division is full-service, as well. Let us work for you to get proposals from our selected accredited partners, operators and aircraft management companies.

Having someone handling your aircraft management assures you that a team of experts is handling all of the business of your plane. These are experienced professionals that can help relieve you from the regulatory and administrative headache of aircraft operations, even giving you the capabilities of a full-fledged, certified staff and flight crew, without the overhead to manage a staff and crew of your own!

And, of course, if you already have a plane and are looking to sell or upgrade, our extensive Engel & Völkers network can market and manage the entire sales process.

Now, take three deep breaths and imagine your flight: Who will be there with you? Where will you be going? What food will be served? And why in the heck are you smiling from ear to ear?

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