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Deep Eddy


Summer is on the horizon and with so many warm weather days every year, you have to love the outdoors. And what is more outdoors than the Austin's public pools? Austin has some great pools from Deep Eddy Pool, the states oldest pool, to everyone's favorite, Barton Springs.  In the heat of the summer, our pools are a great place to cool off.  Barton Springs Pool, in the heart of a 358 acre park, itself measures three acres in size. It is fed from underground springs that keeps it at 68 degrees, even on hot summer days.  So grab your bathing suit and join us!


All Austin municipal pools have the same fee structure:


Seniors and children under 12, $1

Twelve to 17, $2

Adults, $3

Non-residents add $1


Our favorite

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  What I Love About Austin ~ Hike & Bike Trails

Austin is an outdoor city.  Residents love to be outside, in shorts, all year round.  Hike and bike trails are as much a part of the Austin scene as live music and “Keep Austin Weird”.  Whether you live South or North, East or West, you can find trails in your local neighborhood or anywhere you may be in the area.  There’s no reason to tire of the same old trail, you can travel a short distance or go across town and enjoy different scenery.

We suggest that you do your own research to find those hidden gems near you. Here are ten of our favorite hike and bike trails and a link to more than 100 Austin trails.

 Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

800 W. Riverside Drive      Shared Use (Hike and Bike)      ADA Accessible      Central    

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What I Love About Austin ~ Food Trucks

 What I Love About Austin ~ Food Trucks

Austin has many unique qualities and the local food, especially food trucks define much of what makes Austin so attractive.  If you don't have your own list of favorite food trucks, you may be missing some of the uniqueness Austin has to offer.  In this edition of "What I Love About Austin", we give you several food trucks to get you started on your journey.  If you already have your own list, you may want to consider some of these as potential additions.

In no particular order, here is out list of ten food trucks you may want to try.

El Primo Taco Truck

In South Austin you can't go wrong for breakfast or lunch tacos. The menu includes tacos with asada, pastor, barbacoa, lengua and burritos, tortas,

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What I Love About Austin ~ Day Trips


What I Love About Austin ~ Day trips

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and much of what brings people to move to Austin is all of the events and activities available in Austin. However, for me, much of the attraction of Austin is everything close by. So in this installment of “What I Love About Austin”, we are going to cover day trips.


San Antonio

The number one place to visit on a day trip from Austin is San Antonio. It is worthy of more than a day trip, but you can drive there, enjoy many of the things San Antonio has to offer and drive back in the evening, with a day well spent.

San Antonio has the River Walk with it's water taxis and lots of great restaurants, a mall with an IMAX theater and engaging

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Rodeo AustinIn 1938, Rodeo Austin started out as a small stock show. Located at, 9100 Decker Lake Road, it has become one of the premier events in Austin, taking place for fifteen days, from March 11th through the 25th.


Entertaining crowds with more than 100 live music performances, by many local artists, Rodeo Austin has previously featured such artists as Willie Nelson, Blake Shelton, Maroon 5, and Lady Antebellum.


There is also a family friendly fair that runs the length of the rodeo with a large carnival, shopping, food, kidstown, wild west show and pig race. Shopping includes unique shopping opportunities with vendors located in the Exhibit Hall, Rodeo Arena Mezzanine and various outdoor locations, selling everything from cowboy boots and

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What I Love About Austin ~ The Live Music Scene

What I Love About Austin

Austin's live music scene has something for everyone

Austin has given itself the title, “Live Music Capital Of The World”. The Austin music scene has drawn many visitors, and once people visit, many want to stay. No matter your taste in music, Austin has a special venue for it. This article is aimed at the local music scene and the clubs, coffeehouses, bars and eateries that support music in Austin.

There are several well known artists that are or were Austinites at heart. Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ray Benson, Stoney Larue, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, and many others have seen their share of the inside of Austin venues.

Many other great

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Barbecue In The Capital City

What I Love About Austin

Barbecue is truly one of the things I love about Austin.

The word barbecue comes from the Spanish, barbacoa and in the Southern United States, barbecue grew out of gatherings that started before the 1860’s.  Many states and cities are known for their barbecue.  From North and South Carolina, Lexington, Memphis, Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas City to Texas everyone claims to make the best barbecue on the planet.  The love of barbecue and the opinion about who makes the best comes down to personal taste.  Perception is often influenced by what others claim to be the best barbecue.

Every barbecue restaurant has it's own, "secret sauce" and they would never tell you how they make it.  But the secret is truly, "in the sauce"

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The Driskill Hotel

Austin is a unique Texas city.  The Capital of the State of Texas, Austin has received so many accolades, awards, and is on so many top ten lists it’s a tribute to the people that make up this great city and the city’s direction.  This article is in conjunction with “What I Love About Austin” and features the Driskill Hotel.  A one-of-a-kind Austin attraction, the Driskill exemplifies what Austin is all about.

Since 1886, the Driskill Hotel has been an Austin attraction.  Recently updated with opulent furnishings, providing the Driskill with vintage charm. The Driskill offers a Café Bakery and the Driskill Grill for dining.  Once frequented by Lyndon B. Johnson, it also hosts the “LBJ Presidential Suite”.  Which is often occupied by

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 What I Love About Austin

I moved to Austin in 1992 from Dallas.  I love Dallas, I just love Austin more.  Austin is a mix of old and new, of hippies and rednecks, of East meets West and North meets South.  It has become a global community drawing people from all over the world.

What makes Austin so great? 

  • It has a great job market, especially if you are in hi-tech.
  • There is no state income tax
  • Cheap housing relative to many other parts of the country
  • It is a “Hip” place to be with a music and social scene second to none
  • Beautiful surroundings, lakes and hills, interesting small towns, close by
  • Warm weather most of the year, too warm for some but great for outdoor lovers

Since Austin is home to one of the largest universities in the

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